comforting and enlightening

I visited Shirley on the recommendation of two close friends.  I wasn't experiencing a huge crossroads in my life at the time, but had been feeling uninspired/antsy for a while so I was in need of some direction, which is exactly what Shirley gave me.  She was extremely friendly and welcoming and I got the vibe at once that she was there to simply pass along any information she was getting from "the field," as she called it, not to try and impress me with outlandish claims.  Some observations she made were surprisingly on the mark, but for the most part (in my case, not having such a direct question to ask) her comments were just very comforting and enlightening.  It felt like both a card reading session and a therapy session in one - I felt such clarity afterwards.  I'll definitely visit her again in 6 months as she suggested.


Rose D.Santa Monica, CA

Sara LeHoullier