a true lightworker

Hands down, the BEST and most accurate reading I've had so far (and I've had PLENTY of readings).  Shirley is the REAL deal, and she truly has the gift of illuminating one's path.  
I am so thankful I trusted my intuition and went to see her because I've been feeling so confused about what I was supposed to do with my life, and she confirmed everything I've been feeling intuitively but am too afraid to do.  

She lovingly jolted my ass back to my true senses and reminded me that my soul won't be fulfilled unless I do what I KNOW I'm supposed to, and to just TRUST it and go along with it because it is my mission.  
She's given me that much-needed push to face my fears, especially because she mentioned I'd be helping people along the way.

Shirley is a true lightworker and I can't recommend her enough.  
What I especially love about her is that she asks her clients not to come back too soon and refuses to do another reading for them until after about 3 months (she told me she's at her best at around 6 months and she doesn't want clients getting too dependent on her because she's not a therapist), which I highly respect because this line of work can be incredibly draining.  

Shirley, thank you so much for sharing your gift to empower, uplift and illuminate others' paths.
She is the REAL deal - no funny business, none of that "state-3-wishes-before-we-start-so-I can-feed-off-of-that" kind of reading.  Sit down, open yourself up to her energetically and let Shirley fill you with her light, positivity, and wisdom!

P.S. She is quite the comedian so you'll most likely laugh throughout the reading at: 
a) how freakishly accurate she is & 
b) how hilarious her spirit guides are

If you need some direction or you're feeling a little confused/lost/restless/anxious about where you're headed in life, do yourself a favor and BOOK A SESSION ASAP - you, dear beautiful soul, deserve it!

Liz A.Santa Monica, CA

Sara LeHoullier