Use Shirley. She's amazing!

Let me tell you a story. Three years ago I had just lost my job and I was lost. I needed to have a little clarity and direction, and I found Shirley on Yelp. I wanted to hear positive vibes. I wanted to hear that everything was going to be okay and that I'd soon land one of the jobs that I had been applying for. I went to Shirley and she greeted me with his warmth and kind energy. Little did I know, not only would she give me comfort in knowing that I'd find a job quickly, but she read my future and felt my grandma. 

Immediate Validations:
1) Soon after my reading, I landed the job that she told me I would. Funny enough, I didn't take it and I ended up getting another job which was even better. So, it was true...I did land the job, but something better happened! 
2) She told me that she wanted to see me move forward in my relationship because I needed the stability. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened and we've just recently purchased a home together. 

Later Validations:
1) 3 years after my reading, I lost my wonderful grandma. Shirley had felt her during my chat and said that she was in my "debris field". At the time, I thought this was a bit of a stretch because she was still alive. I definitely had my immediate doubts. Three years later, after she had recently passed, I remembered Shirley talking about her. So, I dug up my recording (which Shirley provides) and listened to it. WOW! She was right! My grandma was a tough little lady who could have lived forever (Shirley told me this), but unfortunately, she got a stroke and she couldn't get through it. 
2) Once I re-listened to my recording, I realized how many other things that she told me would have happened that I would never have believed would have happened because I wasn't in that "state of mind" at the time. At the time, I just wanted to find my next job. Shirley kept telling me over and over again that I needed to start my own business. I thought it was a crazy idea because I didn't think I was ready. Three years later, I'm a year into starting my own social media agency. She was right! It's just funny that I didn't even remember her talking about it. 

My Recommendations:
- Use Shirley. She's amazing!
- Keep your recordings. You never know what goodies might come later. 

P.S. Thank you, Shirley! As I've started my business, I keep your recording on my phone, so I can constantly hear your encouraging words to keep going.

Esteven G.Los Angeles, CA

Sara LeHoullier